Who You’re Becoming: A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Harriee,

You are thoughtful & sassy.

You always did your best and never stopped caring or thinking about those around you. Your heart continues to grow wider and wider.

I don’t have an answer for your why, regarding what you’ve been through… but all of that led you here. To the person who you’re becoming. You are immensely loved and surrounded by great friends and mentors that thankfully sees the potential and believes in you, even when you couldn’t believe in yourself. You will join and sing in a worship team, write devotionals for YA, graduate from university and finally make samples of your designs. I know you may have tendencies to question whether they meant what they say or if they truly are for you because of past friendships. But you have a support system, mixed with people a little older and younger that wouldn’t hesitate to push you towards your dreams or lift you up in prayer.

Now I’m not saying the thoughts won’t come… Anxiety is a nasty thing that threatens many people today but an amazing lady you’ll grow to love said it is only a symptom of fear. It is not a part of your genetic make-up or who God called you to be. Yes, there is psychology and mental practices that you can use, but do you know what else can help you counteract anxiety, fill you with unexplainable peace and put it in its place every time it creeps up… The word of God. Fear might come to play peek-a-boo again, but know that even this can’t destroy you. Whether you believe it or not. That won’t matter because God’s purpose for you has already been written and cannot be erased. As Pastor Steven Furtick said in a post on Instagram, “Believe what He spoke”.

Speak your truth. A lot of people may have always had something to say but as you grow older, you’ll realise people need what you say to yourself before you go to bed and what you have saved as voice memos. You may not be strong in the sense that you lift heavy weights… but you lift souls. You’ll grow to love writing devotionals and can’t help but leave a little word here and there. You, my girl, were called to encourage.

Give yourself permission to shine and wear what truly makes you happy. Surprisingly, at some point you will embrace colours like khaki, hues of blue and rose gold. Dare to dream the God-sized dreams you have about fashion that have been engraved on the inside of you.

Whatever you do, remember this…

You are stronger than what you give yourself credit for.

You are bolder than you believe.

Your desire and passion intertwines with God’s will for you.

Your brokenness means everything to Him.

Your words, thoughts and opinions are in you for a reason.

You are a masterpiece in His eyes and He knows that fully well.

So my words to you are: Be the person you never had. Style, design and write to your hearts content. But most of all, in everything remember to look up to God, so that as the sun comes up each morning, you will truly begin to experience happiness and content.

Compassionately yours,

A Crowned Soul

H .x.

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