Taking Immediate Action

“Therefore, since we are surrounded
by such a great cloud of withnesses, let
us throw everything that hinders
and the sin that so easily entangles us…”
Hebrews 12:1

Scripture tells us, that we have been clothed with dignity, love, peace, strength and patience, yet we can sometimes allow our circumstances and life’s situations, to hold us hostage or take over our well-being.

Imagine this…

You wake up on the day of your date or an important conference or meeting, with a big spot on your face. There’s no way of hiding it, so you grab your phone and google every possible way, home-made remedy and youtube video, to either reduce it or make it disappear. Another example, is,¬†you wake up to find your house has been targeted. Targeted by large, “germ-carrying”, possibly poisonous insects. Would you live with them as your new roomies or go far and wide to eliminate them?

It’s funny how, we are desperate and would go to great lengths, to make spots and pimples go away, so our date wouldn’t see, or take immediate action to get rid of multiplying insects – but we won’t do so with fear, doubt, worry, stress etc. These can be described as “emotional insects” according to Joyce Meyer; similar to real bugs, who gravitate towards dark and humid environments; in order to grow and develop.

So, instead of hoping, that if we close our eyes shut for 15 seconds, they would magically disappear. Let us start to take immediate action, by casting out all fear and asking for peace and serenity to take it’s place.

Stay blessed.


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