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“The way you dress is an expression of your personality” – Alessandro Michele

Virtual Personal Stylist Harriee

Style Coaching may just be the answer to your question on all things personal style and using fashion as your toolbox; to wake up and shine. 

I work with you to help you rediscover and identify your individual style and create your own style journey that authentically aligns with who you are. So you feel confident, empowered and 100% seen.

Maybe you used to know what to wear but haven’t quite defined your personal style.

Would you like to be supported in creating a heart-centered, hassle-free wardrobe that empowers you to show up just as you are?

Together we discuss your goals, understand your style tendencies, and embody the next version of you through style. All client work involves an initial complimentary call, a pre-style questionnaire, which includes body analysis, sizing, your style vision, and of course your goals.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

StyleFairy Therapy

The best of both worlds; a little bit of personal shopping and wardrobe decluttering in a bitesize session. This session is your ticket to your very own personalised style blueprint report.

We talk about all of your style questions, frustrations and queries to get laser-focused on what’s missing and what you desire. You will receive feedback on your recent purchases and/or current style and come away with a clear plan, knowing what clothes to buy according to your personal style (also known as your style language). This is for you if:

  • You’ve tried to apply style trends, quiz answers on your own but still feel less excited about your look.
  • You have nothing to wear and feel bored with your current image.
  • You want to discover the simple ways to look more put together but tailored to you.

All you would need to do is fill out an online questionnaire and send a few pictures of yourself. This is particularly good if you chose not to do a video call. After our session, please allow up to 2-3 working days for your completed style blueprint to be sent to you.

Session Includes: a body shape analysis, learn more about your personal style language, my stylist top tips, shopping recommendations + additional 30-minute follow-up call to discuss your style blueprint/report and the why behind the choices selected for you.

Investment: £55/£25 one-off payment

Style Expression Intensive

This session is for those who want to decode and redefine their personal style.

Are you double-tapping pictures + celebrity looks but thinking “I can’t possibly pull that off/wear that”? Or that will never look good on me? Or have you walked into a room not feeling confident?

I have created this experience to help you create a personal style language that truly aligns with your voice so that you can feel more empowered about your wardrobe choices and dress confidently no matter what.

  • Discuss goals in-depth, understand subconscious style tendencies, and notice what your wardrobe is currently conveying to the outside world.
  • Mindset work and assessing what is blocking you from reaching your goals. Then will embody and envision by creating a persona style board
  • Assess Pinterest board and map out how this new style profile can be achieved. Set actionable steps to make your goals a success.

Session includes: Initial questionnaire, personalised style blueprint PDF file with style tips and shoppable links. Please note, there will be a There is a longer 4-6 week experience coming soon that will include the Revamp & Revitalise – Wardrobe Detox sessions. For the detox session alone, this will be £180 for a small wardrobe.

Investment: £109/£70 for a 2 weeks experience, 90-minute calls plus voxer access.

Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching is unlocking change from within.

Do you want to take hold of your mindset, re-align with your worth and increase your self-confidence?

Maybe you’re tired of doubting yourself but find yourself hiding behind the curtains and wondering what people might think of you if you shared your dreams, passions, voice, or even style.
Or maybe you want to build your self-esteem and improve your confidence but have no idea if this is possible and feel stuck when you didn’t see the results you wanted.

If any (or all!) of the above is your reality and thought process, know that you are not alone. I have been there too. To question and doubt my every move and seek approval from others but now I know what confidence looks like for me and I am living on MY terms. And I want to let you know that it’s possible to shift your perspective, rewrite how you see yourself and release the invisible chains holding you back

Empowerment coaching will help you gain clarity in certain areas of your life such as the following:

  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Relationships and boundaries
  • Limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns
  • Increasing confidence

Session Includes: 45-60 minutes empowerment coaching, a personalised action plan + 1-week Voxer messaging. Please note that extra Zoom calls and Voxer access can be arranged. Click here if you are ready to get started.

Investment: £25 for 60 minutes

Style Expression Intensive
  • 2 weeks (90 minutes worth of calls)
  • Acknowledge unconscious limiting beliefs towards self and style
  • Personalised action plan + shopping list
  • Voxer messaging
StyleFairy Therapy
  • Determine personal style
  • Personalised style blueprint includes; example outfits, recommendations, tips etc
  • Follow-up Zoom call

*This is an introductory beta offer for a limited time.

I won’t give you a one-size-fits-all approach or advice based on theories, because your style is personal and from deep within your core. Your clothes are an expression of who you are as a person. It’s your voice. Your walkway. Your style story.

Contact me here or click the links above to book your transformative experience to embracing the truest you!

Here’s what some people are saying

“I came to Harriee needing a red carpet outfit for my first premiere. I had been unable to find anything that really gave me that Wow factor and frankly I was feeling lost. Harriee really was my fairy godmother throughout the whole process. She was lovely to deal with, which immediately put me at ease and meant the process felt collaborative and fun. She asked all the right questions and her ideas were beautifully presented and reflective of my style and what we had discussed within my budget. Harriee really coached and guided me through the journey to the right dress. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Sian – Actress, UK

“The looks, the mood board and links were so much more than what I expected! I love how she was able to create looks that I like in just a few days when I’ve been struggling with my style for years.”

Amara – Personal Trainer, US