Styling My Boldest Item

It’s been a while since I did a style post and what better entry than to discuss my thought process and how I styled my most bold item to date! At the beginning of the year I decided (amongst friends!) to challenge myself and wear less black pieces of clothing. If you have been with me and the blog for a while, then you would know that black is my go-to colour. I even did a post titled Black on Black on Everything! here’s the link if you haven’t read it yet.

With that being said another challenge of mine was to wear more skirts, so when I came across this yellow wrap midi skirt on Vinted for £7, it was almost like all of my answers was in one. There was no need to look any further!

As I started exploring on how to style this new, bright addition to my wardrobe and met up with my sister-friend for afternoon tea at The Savannah, London’s Sustainable Restaurant on Euston Street (which I highly recommend!) I was also met with a few questions and remarks on how this colour complimented me and wanted to share those looks with you.

Unfortunately, the skirt that I have is no longer available in River Island, but midi skirts have been such an on-trend item for it’s playful, flattering drape across all body types and the ease transform your look all season long. Keep on the lookout for how I style this skirt later on this year!

For now, here are some great skirts to feed your inspiration or Pinterest boards:

I chose to pair my skirt with a subtle slogan t-shirt. My ‘XO’ one from Boohoo is not available now but some other great options are a white basic tee or this… Your options are endless as you have the option to dress it down like I did, wear a cute blouse or even an oversized sweater if that’s your thing! Moral of the story is, you can be super creative with it!

Style Tip: This simple look can easily be elevated for a date night or event with barely there heels or block heeled boots for the colder evenings. And as a transitional piece for fall, this skirt can be paired with a coloured knit jumper, whether it be black, white/cream or bolder combinations such as cobalt/royal blue or patterns like zebra print or good ole polka dots.

And I completed my outfit with this lightweight, cargo jacket from Bershka; cuffs beautifully around the wrists and is just the right amount of bagginess on the sleeves –

The bag I have in this image was bought during a last-minute sale at New look, however, I have linked other items at various price points that would make a great pair and colour pop to your ensemble or bag collection.

Other bag options:

This was a huge leap for me and has changed the mindset I had on wearing colour in general. I’ve made it my own personal mission to expand my wardrobe colour palette and include more items that spark my interest and challenge me to go beyond the surface. #Daretotry #Daretobebold

Let me know in the comments the boldest item that you own and if you’ve had any difficulty pairing them with your existing wardrobe. Let’s start a convo!

Harriee .x.

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