Raise A Hallelujah: A Devotional

Want to hear this devotional from me? Relax, take a breath and click play.

I raise a hallelujah
In the presence of my enemies
I raise a hallelujah
Louder than the unbelief
I raise a hallelujah
My weapon is a melody
I raise a hallelujah
Heaven comes to fight for me

Raise a Hallelujah – Bethel Music
Picture of surrendering taken from Unsplash.com

I wanted to write a blog post about coming into the new year with a new slate, new goals and a new mindset… practically new everything! But when we face reality, not everything is always peaches and roses – or shall I say peaches and cream. Our lives don’t stop, pause and start whenever we wish it to – but wouldn’t that be nice! After which we realise, that the only real change, is the date.

Of course, we are thankful that we made it into a new year, when countless other people, didn’t – some of which were family members or friends; or those we didn’t know personally. But maybe our situation is still the same. Constantly at the brink of emotional instability, physical break down. Dividing the money equally to make sure there is enough to go round for the month, till the next loan, student finance or paycheck. The thought of having to face another day but not knowing what to do.

For a lot of us… these things don’t change.

We feel like these struggles are ever-present and therefore can’t really begin to fathom the wind of fresh air, this new year has to offer. We feel as though we have been blocked by a giant of unbelief and hopelessness that we can’t move.

But in the Bible, 1 Samuel 17 specifically, Goliath pointed his sword at David, not knowing that – that same sword would be what David used to defeat him! The enemy might be pointing unbelief and doubt in your face, standing in your way, but you will overcome it. The news and those around you might not have anything positive to say at this present time, but there will be a brighter day. You will come out of it.

This song by Bethel couldn’t have come at a better time. I needed a fight song. I needed a song that summed up my stance. And every time I would press play, it felt like a light has been lit up in my heart and in my bones. My soul gears up and my voice is found – to raise a hallelujah.

Raise a hallelujah so loud, until you can no longer hear those whispers. Raise a hallelujah till the giant in front of you doesn’t phase you anymore. Raise a hallelujah because heaven is fighting for you!

” Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.”

Deutoronmy 3:33 NIV

Take 10 minutes today to listen to the song linked below and use it as a declaration against whatever is standing up against or in front of you.

This year,
Live a little bolder
Sing a little louder
Hope a little larger
Believe a little stronger &
Breathe a little deeper.

A Crowned Soul

Heart Thoughts

Write down some or all of the situations you’re facing right now on a piece of paper titled “This Belongs To God”. Then as you listen to the worship song, Raise A Hallelujah by Bethel, sing a little louder than you usually would and allow God to use your struggle to make you stronger.

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