It’s Launch Day! Embracing Our Identity Free Resource Pack


It’s so great to be back after a long (much needed) break. I have moved, lived with no internet, started my final year of university and spent my summer mainly focusing on my relationship with God. I promise, I’ll be so much better with blogging from now on.

My heart has been a lot of things lately, but as we approach the weekend; it’s a combination of buzz, nervousness and total excitement, because as of right now (like as you’re reading this), my free pack of declarations, Embracing Our Identity is officially out!

I am seriously over the moon that I get to finally share the full thing with you. I want to invite you, personally to click here to download the full pack. The pack covers topics on; feeling lonely, stressed, negative and worrisome thoughts, new seasons, identity and the comparison trap.

Why? Because I know that walking everyday as a child of God can feel tough sometimes. Different thoughts and questions swarm around our minds like:

  • What am I supposed to say?
  • How do I go about knowing my identity?
  • What does my identity in Christ look like?
  • I’ve been so busy lately, do I have time?

I’ve done the same and I know that waking up every day, having to face life, a new struggle or obstacle as Christians can feel almost near-to-impossible sometimes, which can totally drain us out. But I have found, from experience, repeating the promises that God gave us, has helped me to take on each day with positivity and confidence – knowing fully well that God is going to take care of me and my family… And that He sees me where I am right now.

Yes, I agree, life can get in the way. We worship less. Prayer doesn’t even seem to be a go-to option anymore. Before we know it, we’re already in bed, nearly dozing off without saying a word to God, the whole day. We look back and we’ve missed 12 days on our Bible reading plan. Or when it came to praying, we got tongue-tied, trying to use the fancy words we hear and decide “It’s not my thing anyway”. Prayer doesn’t have to be like that at all. It can be really simple.

I struggled with the same thing. Didn’t understand how they did it. So I went on good old Pinterest to look for prayers that matched my problem. I found and fell in love with Affirmations, that were short, sweet and straight to the point. Exactly what my heart needed.

I felt the Lord remind me of something I had told myself a while back; that I wanted to be that person I never had. To stand in the gap for those who need a helping hand or struggle to let the words they really feel out. From this, birthed a pack of 10 hope-filled declarations. From my heart to yours.

I pray that this resource pack would be useful and heartfelt. These declarations/affirmations can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. As a daily affirmation, confession or declaration, you say out loud to yourself, whilst looking in the mirror, getting ready or on your way to school or work. I believe that as we go through life, we all need a pick me up. Something, already written, already prepared, so that we can easily pull it out from its hiding place and speak out.
  2. They can be turned into prayers, when you don’t have the words to describe how you’re feeling or who God is to you right now.
  3. You can include it in your journal. Write out the declaration and then underneath write how that made you feel afterwards by answering the ‘Heart Thoughts’; Do you feel more confident? Do you feel like God is closer than He was before? What do you want to change?

If you noticed, I have also included a section, I call ‘Heart Thoughts’ at the end, which is a small mixture of questions and thoughts to help you reflect, whilst praying/conversing with God or journaling. I believe and strongly hope, that even if these words that I have written are not what is encased within your hearts – that these words would trigger the light, to help you find them.

From A CrownedSoul,


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