Is Your Morning A Priority?

“Early the next morning they arose
and worshipped before the Lord”
1 Samuel 1:19

As you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you gravitate towards? Your phone? To check your social media accounts? Maybe, you go to the toilet or start to get ready for the day ahead. Does speaking to God or thanking Him for allowing you to see another day pop up?

In our day to day lives, we are too often in a rush. A haste. To get to our destinations. Go to work or start on that never ending to-do list, that we risk proceeding without His blessing. If we give our hearts, minds and day to God, He will take control.
In 1st Samuel 1, a man named Elkaneh and his family, deemed it important to wake up early and worship God, before setting out on their journey. Today, slow down. Maybe you too, should wake up early and spend as little as 5 minutes, to thank God and hand over your day to Him – and you will start to notice the new impact on your life.

Stay blessed.


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