How to Use What You Have in Your Current Season – Part 2

Hello again! The other day (a couple of weeks ago now), I posted about How to Use What You Have In Your Current Season – Part 1. I know you were probably thinking that from the title, you were expected to read more practical tips and this part will give you just that. Feel free to read the first part if you want.

I was speaking to a beautiful young lady who reminded me that with our gifts and talents, we can often find ourselves in one of two different scenarios; we either find ourselves 1. Not knowing how to go about using our gifts to benefit the Kingdom, what platform and how to share without feeling like we’re overdoing it or 2. Laziness, believing that we have all the time in the world. I, myself have been in both situations, thinking I was too young and maybe when I am older, people would take me more seriously, or avoid having to tell people who I talk to that I am a faith blogger, writing about my thoughts, words that I believe would lift the spirits of those who read it and to encourage. But I’ve learnt that for the first few months, it will feel weird and you may have a strong instinct to want to revert back to your comfort zone but it’s not about me. And it’s not about you. We’re not promoting ourselves (this tends to put a lot of pressure on us to want to be perfect), we are promoting God and the gospel.

I received an email from Propel Women (which I think you should totally sign up for btw) about Dreams and Desires, advising that in order to be everything God wants us to be, there are a few core habits and attitudes we need to adopt. Such as:

The willingness to take risks

Our favourite authors and actresses, musicians, writers, designers, athletes and you name it all took a bold step that was seen by everyone else as the be all and end all of their careers. And now, the very risk they stepped out today, is what they are known for. Your risk may not look as wild as jumping out of a plane, it could be as simple as writing a book you don’t necessarily know where you’ll end up once you finish. All that matters is that you go ahead with it anyway.


Be energised by change

My sister-friend (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this) has been recently stirred up by what the Lord has placed in her heart and it a wonderful sight to see. That, the passion and desire which God has placed in her, is what is driving her and wanting to accomplish it no matter what it takes. God has placed an idea, story or vision in each and every one of us. Let that yearning and fire that I see in my sister-friend remind you of why you started and what you want to be a part of. And if you are even the slightest bit unsure, ask God to remind you or rekindle that burning desire.

Don’t run away from it – develop tenacity, even when it gets hard

It is super easy to back down when things don’t go our way or run away when we assume the worst. It won’t be easy to wake up every day and write, post, sing or dance if no-one is paying attention, it won’t be easy when your family don’t seem to support you or understand why you’re sticking close to something that clearly doesn’t seem to be working. But let’s be like David, who although seemed to always fall or mess up, always got back up.

To take action NOW!

I am sure you have all come across that Instagram picture that says “One Day or Day 1? You decide”. The truth of the matter is, one day may never come, but day one starts now. Have you also heard, “Words without action is dead”? That quote goes the same for this. There is never a better time than right now, after all, what are you waiting for? We are in a generation, that literally anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I was told that a nine-year-old started his own tech business because he felt more children should be able to learn how to code. How amazing!! What are you going to start today?

Now, I don’t know how you feel after reading those tips or where you are at with what God has told you to do, but I pray and hope that these words stir you up once again and if not, for these words to trigger the light to help you find or remind you of exactly what you need to do next.



From A Crowned Soul,

Harriee x


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