God Is The Master Of Behind-The-Scenes

“For I know the plans I
have for you,” declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to
harm you, plans to give you hope
and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11


It can be frustrating, when you don’t know the next step for your life or the end result of a new decision. Especially when you’ve been so used to “being in control” and trying to figure it all out. Sometimes all it takes, is to simply hand it over to the expert and trust in Him.


Imagine this…
You’re planning your first ever event, but you come across certain phrases and misunderstand some of the requirements. You’re stressed, so you figure out the best thing to do, is to book a event planner who is clearly skilled in their field, knows the ins and outs, best venues to pick according to your budget, or the most affective way to attract people. And you know, there is no way you can do all of it by yourself.

Another way to look at this, is when you go to see a theatre show or movie in the cinema. You don’t realise it on the first glance, but a lot of hard work, days, sometimes months, re-takes and planning goes into producing something, you will only see for an hour or two. It is the same with our Lord. For He is the one, who knows the ins and outs of our life. The one who has the master plan and cues, for our journey in this world.

So, maybe you need to stop trying to figure out all the hidden doors yourself or every why to each answer to your question, for nothing is hidden that will not later be revealed (Luke 8:17). Today, put your trust in the Master who knows ALL things and you will start to see things in your life, change and rearrange itself. #stressfree

Stay blessed.


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