Dear Brave One: To The One Who Feels Anything But

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I want to first off start by saying that this letter will be the first of many that I will write to you, for you and for me.

When I was younger, my way of talking was to write letters in my diary. The kind of entries that you hide underneath your pillow. Then change the location of, for the fear of someone finding it. I would write everything, you name it! From my crush, best friends and even who I imagined being in my future. And now, when I write my soul scripts on to the pages of my journal – I come back finding a piece purposefully written for the times I needed it the most. So today, I share them here, as these words might be for you too.

Yes, you.

For this first letter to you, the word brave was laid on my heart.

You may not have thought much of the word or how it could possibly link to you. But you are brave. Strong. Courageous (Joshua 1:9). Those characteristics are wrapped and coated within your DNA from when you were knitted so carefully together (Psalm 139:13).

I admire you – because every day you choose to step out and show up. That alone is enough to shine the light that has been put inside of you. That alone although commonly known as a leap of faith, is your step of grace. Your step of faith. Your step of hope. Entrusting the One who has seen you thus far. Entrusting that because there is still breath in your lungs, there is still more for you.

Kiera Cass, a famous author once said, “Bravery hides in amazing places.” and in those amazing places are the steps that you have taken. Not only in the physical places, but in the words and situations, you have overcome. Last year, God gave me the phrase; “Nothing is truly wasted” and honestly, these very words have become my life’s motto. And dare I say in this very moment, that your courage won’t be wasted.

Your heart racing won’t be wasted.

Your efforts that they don’t see won’t be wasted.

The hours spent on journaling, processing and healing won’t be wasted.

Your prayers of surrender truly won’t be wasted or overlooked.

“Fear can be what you feel. Brave can be what you do” by Ann Voskamp.

Being brave doesn’t always have to look like skydiving or running a marathon but it can be found in the “less adventurous”, uncommon ones like going to university, leaving that job that no longer serves you, creating that online course or finally going to that therapy session you’ve been putting off. It’s not the fact that you were the first to volunteer, but the fact that you did it anyway. Take heart and be kind to yourself, for the journey is a long one. You’re in it for the long haul.

Although it may feel like a big bowl of feeling uncomfortable, awkward and hard, know that at the end of it all, your mindset will shift. You will have endured and developed a new type of resilience and tenacity that can only be produced from the trials of life we face (James 1:2-4).

Oh brave soul, crowned soul, if only you knew how brazen you are.

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Love a Crowned Soul,

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