Dear Authentically You: To the Girl Who Feels Like She Can’t Be Herself

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Sometimes, I do want to cave and tell you that it’s not necessary to prove them wrong. That the energy just is not worth it.

That you should not keep trying as you have given so much of yourself already. Or that you should not share your heart and passions because the ones you have opened up to didn’t respond the way you would like. But dear one, the world needs you. The way you think and how open your heart can be for others. God needs you to be you. I want you to be you.

I know the feeling hurts and from the outside, it looks like everyone is better off. But no matter who deserted you and made you feel like you can’t fully express yourself, let me tell you this. They don’t define you. They are not the ones to tell you when to laugh or when to cry. Or if for the next 15-30 minutes, you want to sit and be to yourself.

I saw a post on Instagram that said people will be annoyed when you do not want to fit a mould that they made of you in their head.

You are not just anyone and neither do you have to fit their kind of mould either. Because you are you and there is so much beauty in that. The only change or altering you should be doing is when you want to stop the thoughts that talk negatively of you so that you can come up and rise. So that the little girl within you can truly twirl around in what makes her feel free.

The only change you should be doing is working on letting go of the clothes and the persona that you put on for them.

The only change you need to do is let go of the need to be perfect for none of what they say is true.  There is no perfect ideal to believe that you are worthy, for you are perfect just the way you are. For your imperfections, and your lessons learnt from your mistakes are what people connect to.

You are not too blemished to be loved.

Too much to be enough.

Or not enough to be enough.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way”

Solomon 4:7 NLT

I know this because I too have been there. I have been crushed and shattered from the words that were said about me and from trying to make myself into who I wasn’t. And you know what I found? More energy is given into pretending to be who you are not than being your true authentic self.

Wait. Pause. Who are you doing this all for? Do you really need their approval, or did you know deep down that you could fully express yourself whenever feels right to you?

You are real and you are more than enough.

Let those words sink into your heart. Feel it. Accept it. Embrace it.

Love a Crowned Soul,

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