A Powerful Truth

“You received the Spirit of adoption…Abba, Father.”
Romans 8:15

What comes to your mind, when you think of father, Abba?

The word often evokes many emotions for different people. The word can also be associated with, both warm and good memories, but also hurt and rejection.

We can get caught up in the Do’s and Don’ts, which is important, but we too forget for even a minute, who God is. You know our God is good. He is Our Father. Your Father. My Father. A Friend. He is Faithful. Loving. Reliable. Accepting. Patient. He pursues us without growing tired or weary. He goes before you, in everything that you do.

Today He is saying to you: ‘I AM your Father. You Belong to me. You have my DNA. No longer do you have to feel like an outcast, orphan or outsider.’ He whispers: ‘I Love You’

Maybe, you didn’t have a friend, a confidant, a father, or any of the other qualities listed above, whilst growing up. You’ve been hurt, shamed etc but know that God won’t lack in a single one. God is ALL of what you need Him to be and He won’t disappoint you.

He truly is a good, good father.

Please listen to this song; worship, meditate or even pray. And tell yourself repeatedly today, that you are God’s child and that is the absolute truth. A Powerful Truth.

Stay blessed.


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