10 Random Facts About Me

So… I thought it would be fun to share with you 10 random facts about me! Of course, some of you may be my readers (hey! and thank you) you will have an idea or maybe it’s your first time.

Some facts may be more obvious than others, like my personal style and my love and journey with God but I am coming to terms with the fact that a little transparency is good for the soul. So here it goes:


1. I love me some Jesus!! Psst. and worship and devotionals.

I love discovering and stumbling across new artists and worship bands. I can’t say I have any favourites but some artists I do love are Travis Greene, Bethany Worship, People & Songs & LIFE Worship (the list could literally go on!). One day, I might let you in on my current worship playlist. I don’t usually do self-promos but I share some of my own creative devotional workings on my Instagram as well as ones I find as I scroll on social media at least every other day. 

2. I don’t like cheese.

I can just about manage it on pizza… I had a not-so-great experience when I was younger. 

3. I am a fashion designer at heart.

When I was a child, I would cut up some of my old clothes and sew them for my baby dolls. However, now I am more about the detail and the design side of things. Now I design collections and dream of my pieces walking at London Fashion Week one day. Who would have thought? I think if my baby dolls could speak, they would have spoken their minds and said otherwise haha!

4. I don’t drink coffee…

I feel like for my own safety, I should leave this one as it is lol.

5. I used to be quite sporty… 

During secondary school (a.k.a high school for some); I played netball, ran 200m and hurdles (I actually was picked from my school to participate in an athletic tournament against other schools) and I also played tennis with a coach. Not so much anymore but if I could I would love to go back to running and playing tennis.

6. I love the colour purple.

The colour just screams royalty, luxury, power and ambition. Everything I want to be associated with!

7. I love to read psychological thrillers.

This genre mainly focuses on the psychological side and mindset of the characters rather than the plot itself. I recently just finished The Girl Before by JP Delaney and Lullaby by Leila Slimani. Lullaby, for example, was influenced by a real-life New York case and teaches you about a nanny who shares the intimacy of a family without truly being a member of it. I love what she wrote about this genre: “Literature is a place where we can stop judging and begin to understand… that even a monster has a story.”

8. I have a sweet tooth!

Some may say it became a little obsessive at one point, you would find the green sour skittles literally everywhere! In my sketchbook. My bag. Under my pillow… but nobody is perfect right?!

9. I am a full-time encourager.

I can’t help but want to uplift those around me and inject positivity. I believe this is my calling in life. If you don’t already know, I launched my free pack of hope-injecting declarations a few months back that include 10 declarations, heart thoughts and journaling prompts. At the moment, I am working on more uplifting and soul inspiring resources for you to download. Let me know if you have any ideas, I would love to hear from you. 

10. I’m quite sensitive and I am your definition of a reserved introvert.

Personally, I find people a little exhausting and I often need time to recharge. Especially after talking to groups of people at a time. I prefer to observe, listen, keep to myself and 1:1 conversations but on the other hand, I do have an inquisitive side that wants to get to know people and connect on a deeper level.

Do you share anything in common with me? Feel free to share a random fact about you in the comments below

Harriee .x.

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