Meet The Founder

My name is Harriet, a.k.a ‘Harriee’, a 21-year-old crowned in faith and style enthusiast with a huge desire to convey worth, value and empowerment through my faith and style journey. I am also a recent Human Resource Management graduate with a serious love for a good book, leather jacket, wise words, God and sour skittles lol.


In the midst of finding and developing, my relationship with Christ, I struggled with my identity and didn’t know what it truly meant, to be special. Uniquely loved. Daughter of the Most-High God.

As my journey continued, He reminded me that I Am A Crowned Soul – it means I am powerful. I am worthy, valued, important, a masterpiece. It means I am treasured, associated with dignity. And so are YOU! Creating this platform and space was scary and a half but I am now excited to be used to remind you that you have a place and a purpose. 


I like to think of myself as a style fairy… I believe there is a strong correlation between personal style + self-confidence. “Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe. I want to use this space to share with you my style-finds, tips, experiements and everyday lookbook.


“Being the best is great, you’re the number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one”


I believe my calling in life is and always has been empowering and uplifting people to overcome negative self-talk (because we all do it), stamp on limiting beliefs, ditch old habits, see yourself for who you really are and #createyourownstory.

I know what it’s like to question everything, walk this path we call life and feel so alone. I would love nothing more, than for you to take this journey with me and leave this site, feeling motivated, encouraged and inspired.

Love A Crowned Soul,